What IS a Video Game Truck, Anyway?


Since EZPZ is pretty much the only “game” in town (pun completely intended), it follows that not a lot of people here in the 831 know about Mobile Game Theaters (MGT), or Game Trucks, or Game Trailers. Allow me to explain a little more in depth.

In its most basic form, the MGT starts off as just a trailer…in fact, some people think I’m hauling an expensive car (not unlike the trailers you see in Pacific Grove, Carmel or Pebble Beach during Concours d’Elegance). Instead, the trailer is customized to contain stadium-style seating (comfortable, not those uncomfortable metal bleachers) and all of the accoutrements to house the gaming action.

It’s hard to say when the current trend of video game trucks/MGTs began. One operation began in 2006 and is now a national franchisor. 10 years later, there are now MGTs throughout the US, Canada…even Nigeria! We’re proud to be one of the near-100 game truck owners who got their start from Dana and Ed Gainer of North Carolina, who not only design and build video game trailers, but still do parties and events with their MGT. The Gainers not only make a darn good MGT, they genuinely care about the businesses (and owners) they help launch.EZPZ Video Game Party in Action

Regarding our Mobile Game Theater, it is 32 feet long and contains a total of 7 flatscreen televisions; 5 on the inside and 2 on the outside. The two outside are ideal for games that require movement, like dancing games or “instrument” games like Guitar Hero. One of the TVs inside is called the Action Station, which again can be used for motion-type games. The other 4 TVs are suited for multiplayer games like Halo, Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty Black Ops III, and Madden 16.

The stadium-style seating is double tiered, so there’s plenty of room (24 is about the max inside, 4 outside). Each TV has its own Yamaha high definition sound bar; there’s never any complaint about not being able to hear the game.

The trailer is kept fairly dark, though we keep an entertaining laser light show going throughout the trailer; between that, the TVs, and lighting above and below keeps the trailer safely illuminated.

Lastly, our trailer is climate-controlled. The temperatures don’t get very extreme here on the Monterey Peninsula, but we’re ready if they do, or if we have parties in the warmer Salinas Valley, San Benito or southern Santa Cruz/Santa Clara counties. In fact, as I’m writing this, I booked a party in Hollister…though I’m sure it won’t be as hot as the summer temps can get. 🙂

To see the trailer in action, please visit our Photos page as well as our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us!

PS: We now have a quick video showing what a mobile video game party is…click here to go to our YouTube page to see it!