Top 5 Questions EZPZ is Asked…Answered! | Salinas Monterey Game Truck Blog


It’s been almost a year since I’ve made a blog entry here! As you probably know, EZPZ Video Game Parties had to shut down for most of the Covid emergency (except for a few weeks where California briefly reopened). We reopened in late May and I’m glad to say that we’ve been fairly busy! Especially in June…I think a lot of our customers just wanted to do something fun for their stir-crazy kids! I so do appreciate all of our customers who have had us entertain their party guests since, and the ones to come!

I noticed recently that guests (kids and adults!) have been asking the same several questions often. They’re curious about the business concept, our Mobile Game Theater, and other stuff. So to answer some of these questions (and it makes for a good excuse to blog again!), here are our unofficial top 5 questions!

5) How did you come up with this business idea?

Almost 6 years ago, I was looking for something for my then-middle school aged son’s birthday. I had heard about “game trucks” but the closest I could find was in San Jose. I thought that one would do well here on the Central Coast. After researching different game truck builders, franchises, etc, I chose some nice folks out in North Carolina that not only build a superior product but also helped with business start-up needs (financing, back-office stuff, etc). In December of 2015 I drove all the way to NC, got trained, hooked up what would become the EZPZ Mobile Game Theater, and drove all the way back! When you’re new to driving with a trailer, going across the country is a crazy experience! BTW, my son now works for me, when homework and other activities allow.

4) Did you build your Mobile Game Theater yourself?

No, (see above) and I usually tell people that “I’m not that talented”. 🙂 The folks who do build them have it down to a science!

3) Are you a gamer?

It seems like this question is obvious…yes! I’m old enough to have had an original Atari 2600 and have been gaming pretty much ever since (though I didn’t play much in college…too busy!). I prefer story-driven games like the Batman Arkham series, Red Dead Redemption series, and have been re-playing Death Stranding recently. I usually don’t play online games much, mainly because I always end up getting spanked. 

2) Can you turn this (the Mobile Game Theater) into a party bus?

This mainly comes from the grown-ups. Can I? Probably. Would I? No, primarily because there’d be a lot more clean up involved, and it’d look pretty bad if I came to a little kid’s birthday party with a trailer that smelled like a brewery. 🙂 

1)  What’s behind the back door?

This one is usually asked by the littler kids. Sometimes I’ll tease them and say that’s my office, or a bathroom, or the stairwell that leads to the basement. But it just opens up to the outside.

We love all kinds of inquiries! If you have some burning question(s) you’d like answered, shoot us an email or call us!