What is EZPZ Video Game Parties?
EZPZ is a Mobile Game Theater (MGT) that comes to your home, business, school, church, etc. and provides an exciting and family-friendly way to celebrate your event! Our MGT has 7 flat-screen TVs outfitted with the latest and most popular multiplayer games. 

Can I see a Video Game Party in action?
Sure! Just go to ezpzvideogameparty.com and click on our Photo/Video Gallery. You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for pics and video from recent parties. 

What does EZPZ stand for?
EZPZ stands for “Easy Peasy”, as in “easy peasy lemon squeezy”. We want our customers to have a great time without a lot of hassle.

How many guests can fit in the Mobile Game Theater?
At a maximum, if all 7 TVs have a 4-player game on them, we can accommodate as many as 28. However, it gets pretty crowded at that point, especially in the front of the inside of the trailer. We tell parents that 20 is the maximum “comfortable” number including the 2 outside TVs.

How do I book a party?
The most convenient way is to use our online reservation system. Choose your date and time, submit payment, and you’re all set! You can also email us at ezpzgameparty at gmail.com, or call us at (831) 200-EZPZ (3979).

I tried to book online, but there were no time slots available on that day.
Occasionally we are hired for all-day events, in which case we aren’t available for booking. This also may  be because all of our available slots have been booked.

How much room do you need to bring your MGT to my place?
A minimum of 55 feet (roughly 3-4 car lengths) to accommodate our truck and MGT trailer, on relatively level and stable ground, with relatively easy entrance/exit points. 

Can you park in our driveway/backyard?
Usually the answer is no. Your driveway may be long enough, but frequently there’s a bit of a dip as the MGT moves on and off the driveway. This results in damage to your driveway and our MGT as well. The tires of the trailer often make marks on driveways as well. Circular driveways are rarely wide enough to accommodate the turning radius of our truck and trailer. Customers acknowledge that they are responsible for any damage to their property as well as our equipment as a result from their request for us to park in their driveway/property. Customers will be asked to sign an additional damage waiver when we are asked to park on their property.

We live in an apartment/condo. Can we still order a Video Game Party?
Absolutely! There are plenty of solutions if there’s not enough room for our MGT at your place. We suggest a nearby park where there’s plenty of room (please note that we are not allowed in a few parks, like Toro Park and Spreckels Park). A community center or church may be ideal too. There are also pizza parlors and other restaurants with whom we’ve worked who can accommodate our MGT along with your food needs. Please understand that it’s the customer’s responsibility to find an adequate space for our MGT. Feel free to contact us if you’re not sure.

We don’t have enough curb space at our place. What can we do?
Please see above. Also, if you ask your neighbors nicely, maybe they’ll let you block their driveway and/or move their cars for you. 🙂

We’re in a part of Seaside/Carmel/Pacific Grove, etc, where the streets are very narrow. Can you still come here?
Please see above regarding alternate locations.

What areas/towns do you serve?
Please see our service area pageThe following communities are within our local service area: Aromas, Carmel, Carmel Valley (west of Klondike), Castroville, Chualar, Corral de Tierra, Del Rey Oaks, Elkhorn, Marina, Monterey, Moss Landing, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Prunedale, Salinas, Seaside & Spreckels. The following communities are available for an additional $45, minimum 2-hr party Friday-Sunday: Aptos, Freedom,  La Selva Beach, Watsonville, Capitola, Soquel, Pajaro, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, San Juan Bautista, Hollister, Gonzales & Soledad. These towns are available for an additional $90, minimum 2-hr party Friday-Sunday: Gilroy, Greenfield, King City, Morgan Hill, Bonny Doon & Felton. All other areas, please contact us for availability.  Please note that we reserve the right, out of concern for the safety of our guests, staff and equipment, to respectfully decline to serve areas that may compromise that safety. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do you do parties in San Jose or Los Banos?
We used to do the occasional party in Los Banos and San Jose, but we no longer can serve these communities (or any outside of our primary and secondary service areas) due to insurance restrictions.

What games do you have?
Please click here for a current list of titles. We feature games that are local multiplayer rather than single player…this makes it more fun for everyone! 

Are all of your games family-friendly?
Mostly, yes. We do have certain games rated “M” for Mature like the Call of Duty and Halo franchises, but we will seek parental permission before making these available. We have a very small amount of games, like Mortal Kombat, Left for Dead and Black Ops IV (zombie mode) that are either extremely gory and/or contain adult language. We can leave these “on the shelf” if you prefer.

Do you offer online games like Fortnite, Overwatch or PubG?
We don’t offer these games mainly because they are online multiplayer games which limit us to only 1 player per screen, making it likely that someone will be left out. The vast majority of our games are local multiplayer games which makes it more fun as the kids compete and interact with each other. Additionally, Fortnite, Overwatch, and similar games require the use of internet via hotspot, and we’ve found that coverage is often spotty and unreliable.

What about the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise?
The content of the GTA franchise is appropriate for adults only, therefore we do not make them available to our events. Also, GTA’s multiplayer mode requires internet access and is single player (see above).

What if some of our guests aren’t into video games?
Non-gamers can usually keep up with games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Some guests may enjoy the motion-based games like Just Dance and Guitar Hero. We also offer some fun non-electronic games that can be added on to your party, like Corn Hole (bean bag toss), Giant Sized Jenga, and Giant Connect 4. These are only available when you book your party.

What age do you recommend for a Video Game Party?
Generally, 7 years old is about the youngest, though we’ve done parties for younger kids. Party guests 6 and younger must be accompanied by an adult (not an older sibling). Toddlers must not be allowed to wander in/out of our MGT for their safety.

Do I have to be in the MGT with the kids?
We ask that an adult stays near the MGT at all times, and require that an adult accompany guests 6 years and younger inside. Infants and toddlers must be held at all times as it is not safe for them to walk around. Grownups are welcome in the MGT at any time.

What about kids with special needs?
We welcome guests who are differently-abled. We may ask that a responsible adult assist us if necessary. 

Am I liable for damage caused by my guests? What if the guest was not invited?
Unfortunately, yes. As we don’t know your guest list (and are busy assisting your birthday kid and their guests!), it’s your responsibility to monitor who comes into the MGT.

Do you do fundraisers?
Yes! Please go to our booking page and select the “church, school and non-profit” option for reduced pricing. Your organization must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We may ask for verification, i.e. a written request on official stationery/letterhead.

Do you do parties meant for adults, like bachelor/bachelorette parties, college events, tailgates, etc?
Yes! Please keep in mind that food or drink are not allowed in the Mobile Game Theater.  EZPZ will halt any event without refund if/when conditions become unsafe due to inebriated behavior. We also don’t allow

How about corporate events, team-building events, and the like?
You bet! Choose the option for corporate events during booking.

Do you give military discounts?
We love our military community! The Missus (our shadowy but benevolent VP and financier) also works at DLI. Contact us for a special promo code! (We will humbly ask that you email/text/snail mail a pic of your military ID after ordering).

Are you the only Mobile Game Theater on the Central Coast?
To our knowledge, we are the only video game party company that is based in the Salinas/Monterey market and services that area regularly. (If you’re in the San Luis Obispo/Santa Maria area, contact our friends at Central Coast Mobile Game Theater!) Occasionally the companies based in the Bay Area will come down to the 831 but this is a rarity, and is usually very expensive.

I booked a party through a website/phone number different than yours. Is that EZPZ? Do you work with other reservation sites? Unfortunately, there are marketing companies, one in particular in Georgia, that use very underhanded tactics. They create a website that makes it look like they’re local, but when you call them, you’re actually connected to a call center. They’ll take your reservation and your money, charging you MUCH more than we will, and THEN try to book a local game truck to do your party. If they can’t find someone to work your party, they will not notify you. Your only notification will be when a game truck doesn’t show up to your party.  This has happened across the country; they seem to prefer “adventure” businesses like skydiving, but have put video game trucks in their sights. We cannot and will not work with these 3rd party outfits. If you think you’ve already reserved a video game party with one of these companies, contact us so we can help show you where you can get help.  We strongly suggest that you DO NOT BOOK FROM the following sites: Rush Cube, VideoGamePartyinSanFrancisco or MegaFunGameTrucks.  For more information, please visit our blog post on this unfortunate subject.   Check dates and book your video game party in Marina, Monterey and the Central Coast of California

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