Book Us Direct! Please Don’t Use “Middlemen”


You may have seen websites here on the Central Coast (specifically Monterey and Santa Cruz) advertising video game truck parties. They make it sound like they are local, but in fact is a marketing company back east. When you call, they “book” your party for 1.5 to 2 times the price, happily take your money, then call a REAL local video game truck company and try to book your date. If they can’t find someone to take the job, they pretty much don’t do anything and allow your event to be ruined because of their greed. Then you’re tasked with trying to get your money back. Expect delays and unreturned messages until you make enough noise. They seem to respond to at least some folks who complain to the Better Business Bureau, but it seems like a lot of folks just give up. Video game trucks aren’t their only area of expertise: helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides, skydiving…they manage to ruin the fun of some pretty cool activities.

The most telling signs that you’re dealing with a marketing company like this are: they use a toll-free number, and there’s no sign of a local address anywhere on their site. Some legitimate game truck companies use 800 numbers (or similar), but most do not.

Whether or not you hire EZPZ for your upcoming event or you hire another company, please make sure you’re hiring us directly! Call us…you’ll know we’re local! We’re based in Marina; we’ve lived in either Monterey, Seaside or Marina for the past 10+ years.

And if, by chance, the marketing company in question is reading this and taking umbrage to this post: we’ll be glad to direct everyone’s attention to both the BBB complaints page you’ve helped create, the Yelp page of one of your several business “aliases”, as well as the phone number and email of the state investigator who’s currently looking into your shady business practices.

We can not and will not honor bookings made through 3rd parties like Rush Cube, San Francisco Game Trucks dot com, Mega Fun Game Trucks dot com, and similar entities. If you’ve booked through them already,  all we can do is forward you the contact information of the state investigator mentioned above. And share in your frustration that such underhanded people exist.

Please don’t let your upcoming event be spoiled by dishonest companies…book us direct by visiting our bookings page! We look forward to a great time!