COVID-19 Update | Salinas Monterey Hollister Game Truck Blog


Like many of you in our wonderful local community, we here at EZPZ Video Game Parties are affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and efforts to slow its spread. While we briefly reopened to small parties in mid-June, we unfortunately had to abide by state and county decisions in mid-July to shut down all “family entertainment centers”, which is the category that we fall under.

Even so, we are still getting inquiries for future reservations. We are happy to take your reservations with the understanding that:

  • We will continue to follow our state and local ordinances regarding opening and any restrictions on the number of guests, whether masks are required, etc. We are based in Monterey County, so in the event that the communities we serve in other counties (Santa Cruz, San Benito and southern Santa Clara) reopen before Monterey, we are still beholden to our home county’s orders.
  • For the time being, we are not requiring deposits. It will make it easier in the event that your party has to be cancelled or postponed. If we are able to hold your event, the balance will be due upon our arrival. 
  • Likewise, our cancellation policy will not be enforced until we are allowed to operate again regularly. You may make a reservation without worrying about cancellation fees. This is subject to change; please contact us for current rules!
  • If/when we are able to reopen, our COVID-19 rules will be politely but strictly enforced. Guests not wishing to adhere to the rules, especially regarding masks, will not be allowed to participate.

We welcome your questions! Please email us as that will be the fastest way to reach us.

While it’s no fun to not be working and entertaining your kids and party goers, above all, we fervently hope that you and your families and friends are healthy and safe! Take all precautions out there so we can see you soon!