Resolving To Not Have New Year’s Resolution? Nah.


Ask a group of people about their New Year’s resolutions. Undoubtedly some wag will answer “I resolve to not make any resolutions.” It’s as predictable as death and taxes. While I agree with the general notion that resolutions can be a way of setting oneself up for failure, there’s something to be said about careful goal  setting and, well, resolve.

Admittedly, I’m the worst at planning goals, much less following through with them…but I knew when I started the groundwork for starting EZPZ, I was going to have to break those old habits. Starting a business means good habits all around, including planning goals, schedules, marketing, and so on.

I’ve had plenty of well-meaning folks tell me that this business will take off, that once word gets out I’d be making money hand over fist. Wonderful words, though these will ring hollow if I can’t plan well and follow through with them.

To that end, I’m spending my first Saturday of 2016 pouring over event calendars in our Central Coast community, looking for appropriate happenings that can showcase EZPZ’s awesome video game truck! Don’t be surprised to see our Mobile Game Theater at local events, from festivals to 5k fun runs, from Big Sur to Santa Cruz; Monterey to Moss Landing! On that subject, if you’d like us to bring our “mega fun” game truck to your event, let us know before your date gets booked.

Whether you’re one to make resolutions, or the person who makes a resolution to not make resolutions, let us all make goal setting part of our routine. Wishing all of our neighbors on the Monterey Peninsula, Salinas Valley, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties nothing but health and success.