Party of Five | Salinas Monterey Hollister Game Truck Blog


As most of you are aware, EZPZ began bringing Video Game Parties to Central Coast families in January of this year. We’ve been blessed with a steady increase of wonderful customers, but until recently we’ve never had more than 2 parties in a day or more than 3 in a weekend. We broke that barrier with a 3-party day and 5 on the weekend earlier this month!

Making that weekend even more challenging was the fact that we had just returned from visiting family in Hawaii late the night before! We had to get up (relatively) early to clean up the game truck, charge up the controllers and make sure everything was in tip-top shape for our crazy-busy day.

Our first party was Kyle in Salinas. He and his friends from his baseball team spent a lot of time playing MLB The Show and some shooters like Black Ops III. It was really windy that day too, but it didn’t keep some of the boys from enjoying the sunshine while playing Black Ops II.

Next up was Juan in Hollister. We were a little concerned at first because there wasn’t much space in front of his family’s house, but the neighbors were great and allowed us to partially block their driveway (and they were rewarded with some time playing Injustice!). Juan played a little bit of everything, including Giant Connect Four, one of our add-on games!

Wrapping up our big day was Andrew, also in Hollister. Andrew had just finished 8th grade and was celebrating his promotion to high school. He and his friends played a lot of Mortal Kombat XL and Black Ops III, and the ladies got plenty of Just Dance time in as well!

Saturday, the next day, we got to take a little  bit of a breather with one party on the schedule. Darian was celebrating his 9th birthday in North Salinas. The kids enjoyed Halo and Black Ops, and the parents got in the act, playing Mario Kart on one of our outside TVs.

Wrapping up the weekend on Sunday was Elijah, also in Salinas. He and his friends split their time playing shooters and Madden and playing on a HUGE inflatable slide in their front lawn!

Two of that weekend’s parties came to us by way of referral, for which we’re extremely grateful! Any of our wonderful past customers can earn a free 2-hour game party when they refer 5 weekend game parties to us! If you want more information on our referral program, please contact us.

We’re so happy to have such a busy weekend! We look forward to having many more like these in the near future! And don’t worry…no matter how busy we get, we’ll treat you like you’re the only customer of the day.