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If you’ve read one of posts from a few weeks ago, you know the games that are the most requested. But one older game we sometimes slyly suggest often ends up being one of the most played games of the party.

A first-person shooter perhaps, like Halo, Call of Duty, The Division, Star Wars Battlefront? Nope.

Maybe a sports game? WWE2016 (kinda sports-related, I know), FIFA, NHL? Guess again.

One of the old Nintendo go-to games like Super Smash Bros, Sonic, or the classic Wii Sports? Strike three.

It’s a game from 2010 that we didn’t even know about until relatively recently.

It’s Blur for the Xbox 360.Blur - EZPZ Video Game Parties

If you’ve played it, you know why it’s a big hit in our Mobile Game Theater. It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s intense competition. It’s Need For Speed + Spy Hunter.

First off, the tracks are crazy challenging. From San Francisco to New York and other locales, you’ll be busy enough just navigating through these joints.

You can choose all different kinds of cars for your race. Dodge Challengers, Ford Focuses, Audis, Volkswagens, even Land Rovers!

Then you have “power-ups” at your disposal. You can throw down some lightning on the leader to slow him up a bit, you can drop a mine to wreck your friend who’s tailgating you (kinda wish I had that in my own car!), you can even put up a shield to give you brief protection from all that stuff. All this stuff makes for a fun and exciting session of racing.

So if you’re having a Video Game Party with us soon, don’t be surprised if we throw Blur on one of the TVs. And don’t be surprised if racing down the Embarcadero throwing down mines for your friends to run over.

Kids at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey playing Blur
Kids at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey playing Blur