What’s The FAQ, Jack? | Salinas & Monterey’s Game Truck Blog


So now that we have a few months of active business under our belts, we’re getting the gist of what our customers like, and what they’re most curious about! So this blog entry is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions I get (not to be confused with our FAQ page that addresses things like company policies, reservation requirements, etc).

“How did you come up with this great business idea?”
I wish it was my idea! Honestly, game trucks have been around for a while; they’re just new to the Central Coast. There’s a franchise called GameTruck that began in 2006 in Arizona…to my knowledge, they’re the first to come up with this unique service. Today there are a few different game truck manufacturers/franchisors throughout the country. Our truck was built (and briefly operated) by Rockin Rollin Video Game Parties in North Carolina. Their owners, Dana and Ed Gainer, are the most honest and down-to-earth of the whole bunch, build a GREAT game truck, and we’re honored to be associated with them.

“Why did you decide to go into the game truck business?”
It was really seeing a need in our community that wasn’t being completely fulfilled. I have a 12-year old son, and he and his group of friends pretty much do the same things over and over for their birthdays: roller skating at Water City in Marina, bowling at Monterey Lanes, pizza and a movie, etc. It used to be Jump-n-Around in Sand City before they got too big.

I had heard about game trucks before – I think there was a Games2U truck on the Big Island of Hawaii, where we once lived – and so I called a game truck business in San Jose. They didn’t return my message. It was then that I realized that a game truck would be a great fit right in here on the Central Coast! This was last August…we drove our game truck from North Carolina back home in December. Here we are in early May, with 4 months under our belt already!

“So your son must really love your new business, right?”
Well, yes and no. I put him to work! The floor of the game truck needs to swept, the controllers need to be sanitized, the TVs need to be unfingerprinted, the seats need to be cleaned and Armor-Alled, and so on. If I need to learn about a new game, then he gets to play with me. 🙂

“Are you a gamer? You must play all the time!”
Yes, I am a gamer, I’d play all day if I could. But…I hardly play anymore! There’s no time! All the things that come with running a business, like planning, bookkeeping, marketing, networking, social media, blogging, maintenance…I have less time for gaming!

“What’s behind that door (the one in the back)?”
I try to come up with something different each time I’m asked this. My office. The bathroom. The members-only club. The kitchen. Truth be told, it’s just a back door. 🙂  I was once asked “is there a downstairs?”

If you have a question that isn’t answered here or on our “real” FAQ page, contact us and ask away!