The Best Day | EZPZ Video Game Party Blog


Kids, especially the ones celebrating their birthdays, are understandably excited when our Mobile Game Theater pulls up to their Central Coast home. A couple hours (or more) of button mashing with their friends and relatives (without parents limiting their playing time) is pretty much guaranteed fun.

Interestingly, and humblingly (not a real word, I know), two of my recent birthday kids said this:

This is the best day of my life.”

Note there’s no exclamation point. These kids said this not in a moment of exuberance and excitement, but what I perceived as a statement of fact. I find this to be quite humbling.

It’s easy for those of us who own and run video game truck businesses to see every party as just another of hundreds of other events we work. We’re appreciative of each and every customer (well, MOST of us are…there are jerks in every cross-section of people and ours is no exception), but when a birthday kid makes what seems like a genuine statement like this, not only should I take notice, I have to take notice.

Perhaps the birthday kid has had a rough go at it in their short time in this life. Pressure to keep grades up, bullying, family strife, peer pressure…who knows. As the dad of a 12-year old, I know my son is dealing with a lot and needs to blow off steam now and then.

If I can alleviate some of that birthday kid’s pressure with a couple hours of fun with friends, then my business is more than just booking parties, marketing and bookkeeping. It’s a little bit of catharsis, an oasis in a dry land of science projects, chores and soccer practice.

Not every kid is under such pressure, I realize. I’m not saying a game party is anything more than it is: a service I provide. However, if a birthday kid says something like it’s the best day of their life, then I’ll make doubly sure that they’re not disappointed.