CSUMB & EZPZ – A Great Team! | Salinas Monterey Hollister Game Truck Blog


As a local business, we’re not only compelled to support local youth and sports, we’re absolutely happy to do it when circumstances allow. So when I met Greg Bistline, the director of development at CSUMB, at a recent Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce mixer, I was excited at his suggestion of bringing our Mobile Game Theater to an Otters sporting event.

True to his word, Greg contacted me the next day, and we arranged for a meeting with Kirby Garry, CSUMB’s athletic director. I wish most of my business meetings were as enjoyable as this was. With my background in sports broadcasting, the three of us had a good time discussing CSUMB’s sports program (and sports in general).

The fruition of our meeting takes place this Sunday, April 23rd, where we (EZPZ) will bring our Mobile Game Theater to the Otters’ baseball stadium for kids (and “kids of all ages”) to enjoy before the Otters take on the Seawolves of Sonoma State (having grown up in Rohnert Park, I’m used to Sonoma State’s mascot being the Cossacks…I guess that’s not in vogue anymore). Pony League players are especially welcome.

We’ll be there from 10am to about noon, and CSUMB takes the field at about 11am. Come for the video games, stay for some great collegiate baseball!

CSUMB’s baseball diamond is part of the Otter Sports Complex, off 2nd Avenue between Imjin Parkway and Lightfighter Drive. Please note that parking permits are required at all times. Automated ticket machines are located throughout campus. For more information, visit the CSUMB Athletics website or CSUMB’s Parking Services page.